As editor at Sydney’s Powerhouse museum, Laura edited a variety of exhibition and program texts.

Sydney Design Week 2023
Sydney Design Week is an annual Powerhouse program showcasing contemporary design practice through exhibitions, tours and workshops. Laura was the Sydney Design Week 2023 program editor.

Absolutely Queer, 2022
Absolutely Queer is an exhibition celebrating contemporary queer creativity for Sydney WorldPride 2023. The exhibition explores Sydney’s leading queer creatives who are reshaping attitudes towards their community through their work, creative processes and personal stories. Absolutely Queer will feature costumes, design, artworks, fashion, activism and multimedia.  Laura was the Absolutely Queer exhibition editor.

Sydney Design Week 2022 and New Australian Design, 2022
Sydney Design Week explores collaboration and cross-pollination between established and emerging creatives and across disciplines: from industrial and craft production in the product and interior design sectors to graphic, sound, art direction and scenography design. In New Australian Design, twenty established and emerging designers working across disciplines including industrial, limited-edition, graphic, sound and spatial design were invited by Emma Elizabeth to create new work responding to the theme ‘Making Now’ – marking this moment in time and indicating the way forward in design. Laura was the Sydney Design Week 2022 program editor and New Australian Design exhibition editor.