Laura Box

Laura is a freelance writer based in Sydney, Australia. She writes about culture, design, music and queerness.

Copy, content and editing




A selection of articles published in Australia, Germany and the UK.


Life’s A Beach is an anthology of international homes, retreats and respites by the sea. Laura wrote the entirety of the project texts, consisting of over 40 pages.

What people say about it:

"It is not only a holiday from everyday life, but also from who we are. You can be someone else at the beach, someone spontaneous, mysterious and without worries, writes Sarah Trounce, one of the editors of Life's a Beach, a visual book that has taken on the desires of global holiday makers."

"The most beautiful beach houses in the book Life's a Beach are a visual journal 'pied dans l'eau'. Immersed in tropical nature, overlooking the Mediterranean: the summer refuges where everyone (absolutely everyone) would like to spend their holidays."

Published by Gestalten, Sep 2021

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Brick by Brick showcases the best examples of modern brick applications, with a focus on residential buildings and interiors.
Laura wrote the entirety of the project texts and the glossary, consisting of over 40 pages.

Published by Gestalten, Apr 2022

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Freelance copywriting, content and editing

During her time in Berlin, Laura edited and wrote for a range of platforms.

Laura Martinova - New Friends
Laura assited on the final script edit of Martinova’s  upcoming short film New Friends.

EyeEm is a German technology and photography company. Laura contributed web content and white paper content:

(1)Creativity and AI (2)Visual empowerment (3)Creative experts share their top visual branding insights (4)6 Ways Visual Branding Can Attract Millennials (5)Developing your brand’s photography style guide (6)Choosing the most effective stock images (7)What we can learn from the lifestyle industry’s marketing visuals (8)Meet the insurance brands that use creativity to succeed (9)Are your insurance visuals too boring for 2019? (10)Visual tips for optimizing your brand’s website (11)Why colour matters for your brand

eye square 
Edited presentations & copy

Edited recipe magazine

Audio copy

Wrote and edited copy for website and FAQ

Crack Magazine  
Assisted on the final edit of issue #98