Beyond Club Culture part III – Meet Tabitha Swanson

Embracing a surreal, futuristic digital aesthetic, creative technologist and multidisciplinary designer Tabitha Swanson has developed an enticing world of eerie hell-scapes, Matrix inspired backdrops and protests against bodily censorship through her Instagram filters. The Berlin based Canadian artist is part of DigiGal, a collective for femme, non-binary and trans people working in 3D and the multidisciplinary, multimedia industry. We meet Tabitha Swanson to chat about how Berlin has shaped her work, her collaboration with the Black Market and her love-hate relationship with Instagram’s platform.

Interviewed by Laura Box @box______

Artist: Tabitha Swanson @tabithaswanson_
Photographer: Julia Lee Goodwin @julialeegoodwin
Stylist: Chaz Aracil @oh_aza_
Make-up artist: Estela Suarez @estela.suarez
Production: Lisa N’Paisan @lisa.kuro
Clothing: The Black Market @theblackmarkt

Read the interview on Kaltblut.

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