Carriageworks’ hypnotic new installation will leave you with goosebumps

Take your shoes off and enter the dark, high ceilinged space to find yourself immediately engulfed by a wall of shuddering and flutterings sounds and visuals flying towards you across the floor. Revel in the complexity as each ripple of sound causes a precise wave across the projections.

Internationally renowned sound and lighting artist Ryoji Ikeda will make you feel like a synasthete, where one of your senses is simultaneously perceived as another sense, in his installation ‘Micro | Macro’ at Carriageworks.


Merging science with art, Ikeda’s installation focuses on the ‘micro’, displaying atoms and chemical makeups and the ‘macro’ encompassing what humans can see, right through to planet sized spectacles

Ikeda blurs the lines between the largest and the smallest parts of the universe. At one point, the visuals appear to be chemical structures yet at another point, the same style of lines appear to be constellation maps.

“My work is created by reducing sound, light and the world into sine waves, pixels and data… so that the world can be viewed once more at a different resolution,” said Ikeda.

Ikeda meticulously melds a soundscape with precisely timed visuals with “mathematical precision and mathematical aesthetics” to create a dazzling immersive experience.

The installation creates a unique atmosphere that moves you between a hypnotic, meditative state and an adrenaline filled frenzy by moving from a slow rhythmic display into a flurry of visuals and a crescendo of sound that will leave you with goosebumps.


Micro Macro was originally curated by Peter Weibel and Ikeda and produced in cooperation with ZKM I Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in 2015.

Micro Macro is Ikeda’s third show at Carriageworks, following on from his successful Superposition (2015) and Test Patter [No 5] in 2013. It is running till July 29th, 2018.